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just journaling

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Jan. 30th, 2008 | 05:42 pm

Man! people with personality disorders suck. and what makes it worse is when they live in egypt and drink the a river called DENILE!!!! ha. no seriously.... 

my cousin, my current roommate for the next (4 months...or less) is insane! i asked her today if perhaps she thought she might have a personality or mood disorder. of course she doesnt think so. Hmm.. I can think of one major disorder that she has. She is a habitual liar! 

A lot of people always say "Man, im broke". I mean i say it too. But i mean of course i have a few dollars to my name ( thanks ya Jesus)! But this girl is  ALLLLWAYS CRYING BROKE. and" I HAVE BEEN HAD".  last night i was at the library and she called and asked me if i was coming home tonight...(duh) and i was like yeah but i dont know when. and she goes can u pick me up some cigs before u come home. ill pay u when u get here. Never saw not one red cent cuz as i handed over the cigs she goes.. oh ill pay u on friday.. THAT WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. i should have snatched them back!but u know how fiends are.

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