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Im not a MAN

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Mar. 22nd, 2008 | 10:18 pm

My roommate keeps calling me a man! She is doing this because of how she thinks i treat guys. I have this thing where i try not to like them as much as they like me . there has been one exception to this rule, but thats a whole other story. But basically, my last bf and i broke up because he thought i just wasnt that into. Like he sent me a message and actually said that to me. 

IDK.... i mean i liked him but i try to be very practical about all that stuff. He has his own situationS!!!! and though i did like him i couldnt possibly get overwhelmed in a situation that was so.........UN-ME, i will say. I wish i could go into greater detail...but i wont. but lets just say i have never dated anyone like him before... and i probably will never again.

The thing is.... like i was into but this situation was so weird and he was so "HIM" ... THAT i just couldnt give it my all and i continued to do me. and according to my roommate.. i handled the situation like a guy. whatever that means.

This is kinda like a pointless entry cuz its very vague... moving on

Anyway this guy called me one day and told me he was moving to texas and he told me he had left and i talk to him while he was there and he was like he didnt like it and everything.. YO HE NEVER EVEN LEFT. he wanted to say he was doing something because i was going away !! loser

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