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the more than one sentence post :)

Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 12:20 pm

well... i started work this week!!! if its Gods will by the end of september i will be str8 and almost squared away financially!  hope thats not a jinx! but uh yeah... thats basically it.

work- work is really cool. i actually like the people i work with. its funny that whenever i say something though they mock me... my voice is *different*... but other than that they r cool. like they are a funny group of people. i went in with expectations though. i was like " ooooohhhh! no one is going to like me. " i thought that there would be attractive guys though because of what i have heard but hey......cant complain. im not there for a husband im there for a check!!

school- which puts me here! i dont know what i want to do. like physical therapy is what i technically want to do. its what i have told everyone i wanted to do. so of course everyone is like whats going on with that. But then its like COULD SOMETHING ELSE BE FOR ME!! im just so confused. with my job now if i were to get into a business masters program they would pay for it. and i mean technically thats interesting to me. but...idk

boys- whats that... thats my situation. i meet people but im not really interested in them per say..... oh well. im not really stressing that arena.

money- had to get a loan from my mama kinda broke and i havent asked her for money since i was 3.......+15 maybe

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(no subject)

Aug. 10th, 2008 | 04:02 pm

 im so broke yall!

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Really stoopid reason

Jul. 23rd, 2008 | 04:29 pm

Some how my login info was changed, and one day it didnt automatically sign me in. The website didnt help me when i tried to get my info sent to me. so weeks later here i am. ha!!

 the only major thing thats been going on with me is that... I NEED A JOB!


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Apr. 15th, 2008 | 01:56 pm

i always have money issues with people....

but basically, i loaned someone $100 bucks. and basically they r refusing to pay me back.. Small claims court? good idea????? idk 

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until it happens to u

Mar. 23rd, 2008 | 02:46 pm

WOW... my friend called me around 3 yesterday and asked me if i would ride with her to see her granny in SC. She wasnt doing well....She called me at 12:56 and told me that her grandmother had passed. .... i made her repeat it. I had only met her granny once. but i liked her a lot. she's (..she was) funny. I told key a few times.. when u go back to see her i wanna go.

But its so weird, we take everything for granted. we take tomorrow for granted, the people in our lives, the things we have going on. And just when u make up ur mind to address the situation.... its gone.

and im so passive about everything. In the back of my mind i think everyone lives forever. I know that sounds weird...but i have never lost anyone close to me. and i have never gone to a funeral. and i know this sounds stooopid but afraid that once i start going.. i wont stop.... granted.. i know thats inevitable but....:(

And now that i think about... People dont have to die for it to be too late.....but thats a whole other entry...

But i dont know how to consol her. Im almost certain that its impossible. When it happens to me.. im not even sure i want anyone to say anything to me.How will i be told... my mom doesnt even like to tell me when someone is sick...

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Im not a MAN

Mar. 22nd, 2008 | 10:18 pm

My roommate keeps calling me a man! She is doing this because of how she thinks i treat guys. I have this thing where i try not to like them as much as they like me . there has been one exception to this rule, but thats a whole other story. But basically, my last bf and i broke up because he thought i just wasnt that into. Like he sent me a message and actually said that to me. 

IDK.... i mean i liked him but i try to be very practical about all that stuff. He has his own situationS!!!! and though i did like him i couldnt possibly get overwhelmed in a situation that was so.........UN-ME, i will say. I wish i could go into greater detail...but i wont. but lets just say i have never dated anyone like him before... and i probably will never again.

The thing is.... like i was into but this situation was so weird and he was so "HIM" ... THAT i just couldnt give it my all and i continued to do me. and according to my roommate.. i handled the situation like a guy. whatever that means.

This is kinda like a pointless entry cuz its very vague... moving on

Anyway this guy called me one day and told me he was moving to texas and he told me he had left and i talk to him while he was there and he was like he didnt like it and everything.. YO HE NEVER EVEN LEFT. he wanted to say he was doing something because i was going away !! loser

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(no subject)

Mar. 4th, 2008 | 07:29 am

 Psychosis! they will make u crazy...if u let them. BUT IM GOOD! SIGH!

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Feb. 17th, 2008 | 11:04 pm

 The perfect way( well...not perfect but rather " one way") to find out if u reaaaally like someone is to imagine that somehow something horrible happened like .... maybe a slip up and u got pregnent by them. If ur 1st reaction is to run as fast as u can to planned parenthood to "follow through"..... u should probably run away!........ 

but of course this isnt about me...........

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Feb. 9th, 2008 | 10:53 pm

 Im getting ready to go to bed, But before i do....

Time! Dont waste mine. I wont waste yours. No one needs to pretend that its more than it really is because
i know how to fall back. I could fall back. maybe I will fall back. 

Right now,.. im mad at a boy...and yes..I DO MEAN BOY! man up son son!

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just journaling

Jan. 30th, 2008 | 05:42 pm

Man! people with personality disorders suck. and what makes it worse is when they live in egypt and drink the a river called DENILE!!!! ha. no seriously.... 

my cousin, my current roommate for the next (4 months...or less) is insane! i asked her today if perhaps she thought she might have a personality or mood disorder. of course she doesnt think so. Hmm.. I can think of one major disorder that she has. She is a habitual liar! 

A lot of people always say "Man, im broke". I mean i say it too. But i mean of course i have a few dollars to my name ( thanks ya Jesus)! But this girl is  ALLLLWAYS CRYING BROKE. and" I HAVE BEEN HAD".  last night i was at the library and she called and asked me if i was coming home tonight...(duh) and i was like yeah but i dont know when. and she goes can u pick me up some cigs before u come home. ill pay u when u get here. Never saw not one red cent cuz as i handed over the cigs she goes.. oh ill pay u on friday.. THAT WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. i should have snatched them back!but u know how fiends are.

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